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EdgePoint Enables Great Learning Experiences

Since 2007, EdgePoint Learning has been committed to delivering blended learning solutions that drive organizational performance and business value while enriching the capabilities of working adults.

We believe that learning program success is grounded in strong business alignment, thoughtful program design and collaborative development.

The four pillars of EdgePoint Learning’s approach:


We investigate your goals, determine the support you’ll need and consult with our talent network to identify the learning professionals that will best deliver your program.

Thorough Communication

We ask the right questions up front, clarify all processes, detail every step, set proper expectations and make contingency plans that allow you to overcome any problems should they arise.


We draw on years of experience, rely on state-of-the-art tools and processes, respond to your needs quickly, optimize your involvement and pass the related productivity savings on to you.


To empower you to make future updates and changes at will, we develop all content and courseware with non-proprietary tools. We’ll never lock you into an inflexible solution or ask you to accept an end product that doesn’t fully meet your requirements.