Technical Training Best Practices

Posted by Megan Dobransky on June 15, 2016

One of our specialties at EdgePoint Learning is technical training. Here are a few best practices we’d like to share.

Reach employees in the best way possible

Many technical learners might be in the field or remote, so make sure you’re designing courses that they can consume in the easiest and most effective way possible. This means not only on the most suitable device, but also chunked and also via chunked learning.

Try social learning

Technical information by definition can be harder to pass along, so try setting up groups or learning communities where employees can communicate and share the information they know.

SMEs are the key

Use the subject matter experts at your disposal. They will be infinitely helpful when developing technical training. Check out how to work with SMEs.

Keep it up to date

Technical training might need to be updated to reflect technology, component, version or essential information changes. Make sure your training always reflects the most up‐to-date material.

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