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The best eLearning services come with technology partners who understand what you need and know how to get it for you. Whether you need training, performance support, or compliance, our partners at PinPoint Workforce and Asentia LMS have the tools and technology to help you meet all of your company’s training goals.

Better training at your fingertips

PinPoint and Asentia utilize cutting-edge technology to design some of the most forward-thinking eLearning tools so you can easily implement learning programs for your workforce.

Whether your company is a mom-and-pop shop in a small town or a global enterprise, these tools provide more value for your company and a better experience for your customers.

Mobile-first training with PinPoint


PinPoint is a fully mobile experience to meet the needs of your who don’t work at a desk.

This eLearning app utilizes robust content creation tools built first for a mobile training experience. Administrators can create their own content, leverage PinPoint assets, and build content playlists. It uses location-aware systems, like geofencing, iBeacons, bar codes, and QR codes to deliver information directly to employees just where they need it – on the job.

At EdgePoint Learning, we can help your company use PinPoint to:

  • Create custom courses and microlearning opportunities within the mobile app
  • Migrate your existing legacy training, performance support, and reference assets into the PinPoint system
  • Set up and implement PinPoint, including planning and best-practices consulting
  • Provide ongoing administrative services and training support

PinPoint makes it easy to:

  • Adapt and update the tools and resources you already have and share them with employees
  • Empower your frontline workforce to become smarter & safer
  • Engage your workforce to increase their skills and operating performance in an increasingly connected workplace.
  • Move training and performance support beyond the classroom to the people, places and equipment where it is needed

Seamless integration with Asentia LMS


Like PinPoint, the Asentia LMS has been carefully designed to seamlessly blend the most advanced eLearning technology with time-tested conventional training methods, all within a rich ecosystem that fosters collaboration and communication.

In partnership with Asentia, EdgePoint Learning can:

  • Make the connection and get your company started on their LMS
  • Provide help with implementation and setup
  • Show you how to customize your experience
  • Provide ongoing support and training updates

Short-term LMS options

If you are looking for a short-term solution for a specific training initiative (or want to test drive and LMS before committing to an annual license), EdgePoint can also set up an Asentia portal for you for a monthly flat-rate.

This “fractional,” or short-term LMS solution, gives you an opportunity to explore everything Asentia has to offer without diving in headfirst. This solution is unique to our partnership with Asentia and gives your company the flexibility to pivot if you need to.

How we help at EdgePoint

At EdgePoint, our goal is to seamlessly and effortlessly connect your company with eLearning tools and training that work for you and your organization’s training needs.

Whether you are looking for an all-mobile solution or working towards blending your current training tools with a variety of delivery systems, EdgePoint and our technology partners can help.

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