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Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning

1. What is eLearning?

Simply put, eLearning is electronic learning. Using electronic media delivered over the Internet, eLearning is an affordable training substitute for traditional classroom-based training.

2. Is eLearning effective?

Yes! eLearning is equally or more effective than traditional in-person learning. With traditional learning, the class is taught at one pace at a specific time and the learners have to adjust, whereas with eLearning the information is always accessible and the learners can move at their own learning pace, reviewing whenever necessary and retaining more information.

3. Why Should I Consider eLearning?

eLearning is accessible anywhere, pocket-friendly, and saves money and time. It can be easily updated as materials change, and translated into the languages of your choice. Learning modules are interactive and contain assessment with immediate feedback and automatic record keeping.

For more information, check out our blog on 12 Amazing advantages of eLearning For Your Employees.

writing SMART goals

How To Succeed With SMART Goals

You’ve probably heard of SMART Goals at some point in time. For those of you who set personal goals or resolutions, now might be a good time to utilize this goal crushing approach. SMART goal setting brings structure and accountability to your goals and objectives to help you hold yourself accountable for your goal and yourself. The main elements of a SMART goal are:

  • Specific - Indicates the who, what, when, where, and why. Paves out the steps.
  • Measurable - Specify what success looks like, by including measurement for reaching your goal.
  • Achievable - Give yourself the opportunity to meet your lofty goals in a piecemeal manner to help you avoid discouragement along the way.
  • Realistic - Set just goals that you’re able to attain and you’re invested in.
  • Timely - Set a date! Be aggressive but make sure to give yourself time to complete the goal while also making new behaviors into habits.

Here are a couple of examples:.

Non-SMART Goal… “I’m going to lose weight in the New Year.”

SMART Goal… “I will lose 15 pounds by spring break, and I will do so by working out three days a week while also reducing my food intake to 1,500 calories per day.”

See a sample video clip explaining SMART goals created for a customer needing employee training on a new performance management process they were rolling out to several hundred locations.

Click here to connect with me to see how we can help you with your employee training through learner-centered videos, and how utilizing video within your training can make a bigger impact.

excited employee

How To Get Employees Excited About Training: 10 Ways To Motivate Them

We have all been there, trudging into a boardroom for a three-day conference on the same topic we studied last year, leaving behind a pile of work that just keeps getting taller as the instructor drones on. This type of training isn’t doing your company any favors in terms of employee engagement. Knowing how to get employees excited about training is the key to employee satisfaction (and business success!!) Learn about the 10 ways here.

man analyzing training needs

How To Conduct A Training Needs Analysis

Most companies recognize the importance of employee training and want to dive right in. While this enthusiasm is great, it skips a crucial step. Conducting a training needs analysis (TNA) is the first step to developing a successful training program. Read more here.

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