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Too often training becomes a dreaded checkmark at the end of an employee's day. It's too long. Too boring. And definitely not designed with an employee's work schedule and responsibilities in mind.

Since most employees can only dedicate 1% of their workweek to training, it's time to make those 24 minutes more effective, more engaging, and maybe even a little fun.

Since 2007, EdgePoint Learning has delivered eLearning solutions that drive your company's performance and business goals while also enriching your employee's capabilities.

As an eLearning development company, we know that employee training is only effective when it's engaging. We also know that it takes a thoughtful collaborative approach between our team and yours to create successful programs that meet the needs your company and employees.

We're here for better eLearning experiences, and we hope you are too. Ready to see our eLearning programs in action? Request a demo today.

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Employee Training Doesn't Have to Be Boring

No matter what industry you're in, there's a way to connect training topics to your workforce. And doing so is vital. For example, effective training can help:

  • Improve your employees’ knowledge and skills
  • Prevent on-the-job injuries
  • Protect your customer's personal information
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your most important products and processes
  • Provide information to your customers where and when they need it
  • Streamline inefficiencies that are costing your company millions

Of course, that's only the beginning. Employee training plays a crucial role in all aspects of your company's productivity and success. In order to leave its mark, that training has to reflect the very real time constraints and attention spans of today's employees.

Your Learning Options

Our eLearning courses tackle the most difficult topics and help you deliver those learning opportunities right when (and where) employees need them the most.

We make that possible with the following training tools.

Let's Inspire Learners

A great eLearning program doesn't just communicate content. It inspires your employees to change their behaviors. It encourages them to ask their mentors or managers for help. Or, it introduces them to new concepts that broaden their own skillset.

At EdgePoint Learning, we provide custom eLearning content that's elevated.

Our goal isn't to rush out a course so your employees just have another box to check. We strive to create truly impactful learning opportunities. EdgePoint Learning helps small and multi-national companies create corporate compliance training programs that surpass all of their training goals.

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What We Do At EdgePoint Learning

Our expert instructional designers provide options beyond the standard linear, “Click Next” type of training.

At EdgePoint Learning, we work closely with your team to help you evaluate your existing program, and then figure out what type of training is best for you. For your employees, that may mean on-the-go mobile solutions, or it may mean blended learning that incorporates both eLearning and instructor-led courses.

Every time we create a strategy for a new employee training program, we use four pillars to guide our approach.


At EdgePoint Learning, we start by investigating the scope of your training goals and determining the support you’ll need.

From there, we consult with our talent network to identify the learning professionals who can create the best training program for your company and industry.

Thorough communication

At EdgePoint Learning, we know how important it is for you to be an active participant during development, so we make sure to:

  • Clarify all of our processes ahead of time
  • Detail every step along the way
  • Set proper expectations
  • Ask for any resources we need
  • Advise you on the best rollout and participation techniques
  • Make contingency plans so you can overcome any problems if they arise

Further, you'll have a dedicated project manager who can answer any additional questions you have. They'll be your resource throughout your full eLearning development project. A graphic design lead will ensure that your visual design standards are consistently applied to all aspects of your course.


At EdgePoint Learning, we draw on years of experience to create the most efficient eLearning development plans. That means we:

  • Rely on state-of-the-art tools and processes
  • Respond to your requests quickly (often within 24 hours)
  • Optimize the involvement of you and your key subject matter experts
  • Pass these productivity savings on to you


To empower you to make future updates and changes as needed, we develop all of our content and courseware with non-proprietary tools.

It's important to us.

We’ll never lock you into an inflexible solution or ask you to accept a product that doesn’t fully meet your requirements.

Why We're Different

At EdgePoint Learning, we take training seriously. We know that the right programs can change (and save) lives.

Our team is with you all the way, providing the in-depth experience and constant communication that's necessary during both small and large projects. Our company leaders have an average of 13+ years of experience building eLearning courses, with backgrounds ranging from suicide intervention to DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship competitions.

Our team is so great that our customers have called us "refreshingly dependable" and "uncannily responsive." They also said our courses "look great" (but try not to tell the designers that -- they're already pretty full of themselves).

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