Consulting and
program planning

Your guide to better learning

Let's design the best experience for your employees

Expert-led end-to-end solution

From designing one stand-alone module to developing a new location-based training program to a complete overhaul (and re-energizing) of your company's approach to employee training, we can help.

Designed with learners in mind

We know every group of employees is different. Our goal is to find an approach that meets your employees exactly where they are, delivering training in the most effective way when they need it most.

Solutions for mobile or deskless workers

Today's workforce is away from the desk and on the go. We leverage the latest technologies to create a seamless and rewarding experience for your learners, and give you access to deep engagement metrics and reporting.

What we do

Some eLearning consulting firms don’t take the time to get to know your company before offering you a cookie-cutter approach to training. That’s not us.

We first help you define your training strategy with a training needs analysis. This guides our goals based on your current business processes and challenges, along with what your employees need to know to be successful and incorporate learning into the flow of work.

Next, we look at approaches that can help you meet those goals. We won’t ever hand you a stuffy three-ring binder or email you a PowerPoint and call it done. Instead, we'll introduce the latest learning technologies, like location-based solutions, mobile-first learning, augmented reality, and machine learning, to develop enjoyable and engaging learning experiences.

Then, we'll make sure whatever training approach you choose is flexible and nimble enough to grow and change with your company. As technologies change, your training should change, too.

Employee training should be fun, not a dreaded checkmark at the end of the day. We're here to help you create killer user experiences for your team.