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Off-The-Shelf And Custom eLearning Solutions

EdgePoint Empowers Your Workforce

At EdgePoint Learning, we listen. We know it makes a difference when we accurately pinpoint your needs and wants from the beginning and translate those into your finished eLearning product.

Whether your organization is a small- or medium-sized business, multinational corporation or non-profit, good learning equals good business.

Your employees need access to training and continued career growth in order to succeed. That's true whether they're out in the field for an energy company, directly working with patients for a healthcare organization, or making key business decisions from the C-suite.

The right training program empowers all of your employees—from your front-line to your executives—to make decisions that promote safety, efficiency, and productivity. It also makes that training available right at their point of need, providing mobile-ready solutions wherever they go.

EdgePoint Learning makes that happen with our employee training solutions.

What We Mean by Custom eLearning Development

EdgePoint Learning works with companies from a wide variety of industries—from healthcare to financial services to technology to retail. All of those industries have one thing in common, though. They need training that makes their employees actually pay attention.

Easier said than done, right?


We know that creating truly engaging and effective eLearning courses does take time and skill. Our team has years of experience developing learning programs. They approach every new project with that expertise and your business needs guiding them.

Foundational knowledge in instructional design allows us to map out the best way to organize your training topics. Constant research into how people think and remember information provides us new insights into presenting information. And, innovative design practices help us stand apart from the look-and-feel of traditional training.

EdgePoint Learning's custom eLearning solutions

EdgePoint Learning translates your business needs into highly-engaging and impactful training programs. Our custom eLearning solutions may incorporate any of the following:

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Employee Training Designed for Your Company

Because we listen at EdgePoint Learning, we know that not every workforce needs a custom eLearning course.

Some workforces need the structure and space for instructor-led training programs. Others need a blended learning approach, with a combination of instructor-led and online courses.

And, we also know that sometimes you need a course rolled out fast.

Our off-the-shelf eLearning library showcases our knowledge in key regulatory and compliance topics and packages them into ready-to-go courses. These courses can be released more quickly and affordably for your company. For standard topics, these can be a great option if time or budget is a challenge.

Whatever your unique goals are, EdgePoint Learning has a training solution that works. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you find the one that works best for your employees.

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Compliance & Regulatory

Mitigate business risk and reinforce consistency across your enterprise with defensible policy and compliance training.

Customer Service

Make sure your customer account and support teams have the skills to meet the customer satisfaction challenge.

Leadership Development

Grow your organization from within by partnering with us to create career-long leadership development curricula.


Train your workforce around the world with high-quality translation and localization services.

New Employee On-Boarding

Ensure that your newest team members feel welcomed and are productive from their first day with engaging onboarding programs.

New Process & Systems

Get your teams up to speed on technology and business processes with training that drives successful implementation and rapid adoption.

Product Education & Sales

Arm your sales channels with engaging education programs that directly benefit your top and bottom lines.

Professional Development

Give your employees the tools to succeed by deploying well-designed training on your latest initiatives and vital skill sets.

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