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It can be a daily challenge building your own company or running your department within a larger organization. Many company leaders know that it makes good business sense to partner with experts to help with their growing training and development needs. EdgePoint Learning’s co-development services can empower you to get much-needed learning opportunities out to your workforce by having our staff work with existing training developers as an extension of their team providing the skills or extra set of hands they need to complete projects faster.

Let's make your job easier

We recognize the talent and expertise in your training team and combine it with our own expertise in all aspects of eLearning development in order to create collaborative eLearning solutions that work for you.

EdgePoint Learning is here to make your job a little easier, acting as an extension of your team. We help you:

  • Design engaging learning experiences
  • Implement your training plan
  • Develop training more rapidly

Instead of building a course from the ground up, customers have leveraged our staff to increase their development capacity or provide expertise and talent they may not have in house.

How we help

At EdgePoint Learning, we can help you with multiple aspects of your projects, including:

Instructional design

Audio narration

Video/animation development

Custom illustrations

Complex interactivity

Branching scenarios

In short, if you need an eLearning development team on your side, we can help.

Our approach to eLearning development

At EdgePoint Learning, our approach to eLearning development focuses on three key points: collaboration, engagement, and expert design.


Our collaborative approach is one of the hallmarks of the EdgePoint Learning experience. We understand that creating successful partnerships relies on open, honest, and frequent communication.

We are always working with your goals in mind to produce innovative, high-quality training on your schedule.


The best employee training meets employees where they are, whether they need microlearning resources right on their phones or full corporate compliance programs with a blended online and instructor-led approach.

You can’t teach who you can’t reach. We help you design engaging training that is thoughtful and impactful for employees.

Expert design

Our team brings foundational knowledge in instructional design that, when combined with your subject matter experts, results in a logical progression of training that works.

EdgePoint Learning’s learner-centered instructional design practices set us apart from other experts. We utilize eLearning development best practices to create trainings that give your business the competitive edge, while relying on research-tested approaches to adult learning and knowledge acquisition.

Let's get started

EdgePoint Learning works with companies of all sizes and in all industries to create training initiatives. These can include things such as:

Co-development services can help you seamlessly, efficiently, and cost-effectively integrate the tools and materials you already have with the innovative technology you need to reach your goals.

If you're ready to talk about invigorating your eLearning development, give EdgePoint Learning a call. We’d love to work with you!

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