The Future Of Digital Performance Support For EmployeesThe Future Of Digital Performance Support For Employees

The Future Of Digital Performance Support For Employees

Corey Bleich

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​​In the new global, mobile economy, the “office” has changed. We aren’t chained to a desk anymore – increasing numbers of companies are moving fully remote, added to the many that have always been managing their work across multiple locations. Today's employees need new tools to support them as they continue to grow. Digital performance support offers everything you need to meet (and support) employees right where they are.

How do digital performance support solutions work?

Integrated digital performance support is the tool for on-the-job, in-the-flow-of-work support for every employee, at any time. These solutions offer the opportunity for employees to learn more about a task as they perform it, or to keep track of where they are in their process.

What does this look like?

  • Safety or performance checklists
  • Microlearning resources with quick video demos of key tasks
  • The ability to send colleagues updates and pictures via email

Each of these tools can be utilized in industry-specific ways. Imagine:

  • Safety instructions that pop up when medical professionals enter a critical-care unit
  • Brief video demos for safety checks on a jobsite
  • Multi-site collaboration and feedback with shared planogram photos for retailers

Digital performance support solutions make these happen. Employees are able to perform at their highest level—on the job, as they work.

Digital performance support features to look for

Not all online performance support is created equal. When choosing your platform, it’s critical to start with an analysis of your needs. Whatever digital performance support tools you select should integrate seamlessly into your goals. You shouldn’t have to completely change your mission to make them work for you.

Here are some of the digital support features to look for.

Mobile performance support

Online performance support doesn’t do much good if it locks employees to a desktop. Look for a learning experience platform with just-in-time, responsive features for employees in the field.


  • Geofencing with activated hotspots and the ability to access location-specific checklists
  • Key usage metrics that pinpoint what mobile features are most valuable for employees
  • Augmented reality that guides employees through tricky scenarios or tasks

PinPoint Workforce is a mobile solution that helps you craft the mobile learning experiences your employees need, including:

  • Annotated images
  • Instructions for work
  • Video demos and explanations
  • Surveys
  • Shared documents

You can also directly add relevant YouTube videos, web links, and eLearning courses for employees to access as they need them. And all in the palm of their hand.

Robust authoring tools

The job is ever-changing, and your digital performance support should be able to change on the fly, too. Employee needs can reflect global events or site-specific changes, so you need robust authoring tools in real time that give managers the agility to build the support that employees need, when they need it.

PinPoint’s tools give managers access to content from experts in the field and back at the office. With PinPoint, you can:

  • Share resources and ask questions
  • Choose from PinPoint’s premade courses
  • Personalize content and templates from existing PinPoint resources
  • Build playlists of content, either company-based or off-the-shelf

PinPoint’s digital performance support gives you the flexibility to design content from the ground up – or to tailor what’s already there.

Rich media options

We live in an image-obsessed world, and rich media options are crucial to support your employees. From checklists to embedded videos or PDFs, the best tools allow you to tap into your existing assets to quickly create best-in-class performance support, no matter where the job takes employees.

Frontline workers and managers should be able to create and share images, templates, video, content, and discussions, all from one platform.

Looking into the future? Consider digital performance support that taps into augmented and virtual reality for simulations and on-the-job training.

Some performance tools offer 3D animations for training on specific equipment, plus the ability to remotely ask an expert for help. Environmental awareness and object and image recognition can take you to each site – even when you’re half a world away.

A fully connected workforce

The end result of high-quality digital performance support? A fully connected workforce that is empowered and integrated. Imagine mobile-native performance support that meets current needs and anticipates any speed bumps that are coming down the road.

Learning on location is just one part of PinPoint Workforce's digital performance support tools. Your team connects on a mobile-first platform with the ability to coordinate all aspects of a project.

Get started

Considering moving to digital performance support? EdgePoint Learning knows what you need. We can help you create all of the performance support tools you require, including:

  • Microlearning courses (including videos)
  • eLearning experiences
  • Video demos

Once you’re ready to start, PinPoint Workforce manages the rollout to mobile devices. We’ll help build in the content library and train management in the authorship tools they need to lead their team.

At EdgePoint Learning, we know digital performance support. Let’s talk about how these tools can help you grow.