Building A Strong Foundation For Training With Solid Learning Objectives

Carrie Lewis Miller and Quincy Conley
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How many of us would be willing to move into a house with no floor or foundation? Chances are not too many of us. But over and over again, we ask our learners to move into a training course without any learning objectives. Without developing the solid foundation that learning objectives provide, we are building a shaky foundation that could crumble with any strong wind.

Carrie Lewis Miller, instructional designer with IT Solutions at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and Quincy Conley, a Learning Scientist on the Learning Research and Design team at Pearson, team up to tackle the basics of creating a solid foundation for your learning programs.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the basics of what makes for strong objectives and get insights into multiple tools for designing effective and measurable learning outcomes. Ready to create a strong foundation for your employee training? Sign up now to get free, instant access to this eBook.

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