EdgePoint Announces Partnership With PinPoint Workforce, The First Mobile-Native Learning SystemEdgePoint Announces Partnership With PinPoint Workforce, The First Mobile-Native Learning System

EdgePoint Announces Partnership With PinPoint Workforce, The First Mobile-Native Learning System

Nikki VanRy

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At EdgePoint Learning, we're thrilled to announce our new exclusive partnership with PinPoint Workforce, the world's first mobile-native learning and compliance system. Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. To better serve employees and give them access to the vital information they need, learning and compliance must go that way as well. PinPoint's location-aware system is the first to make information delivery easy whether employees are on in a factory or in the field. And EdgePoint Learning strengthens the PinPoint mobile platform with custom-made content for your learning team.

Break free from the desk with location-aware content delivery

As we wrote previously, most employees only have 24 minutes a week (about 1% of their workweek) to dedicate to training. Microlearning capitalizes on an employee's scant training time by making sure learning occurs right where and when they need it the most.

PinPoint helps companies harness the power of location-aware systems to provide that just-in-time learning. They do this with the push notifications you're already familiar with, along with:

  • iBeacons that push content to smaller areas (10-70 meters), so you can train workers in a specific building on their daily maintenance checklists, for example, or roll out new product videos to your in-store employees
  • GeoFences that expand to 200-500 meters for local areas, or 500-1,000 meters for larger campuses, allowing you to push notifications of new building plans or inspection locations to your full workforce

Applications exist for all industries, but mobile-native technology is especially relevant for:

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil and gas

  • Energy

  • Construction

  • Hospitals

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Professional sales

  • Finance and insurance

  • Hospitality

  • Food and beverage

Manage employee learning from your mobile or desktop

It's not only employees who benefit from microlearning. These resources take 300% less time and 50% less cost to produce than traditional learning courses. That means more time for your content creators and training specialists to focus on employee questions and new company initiatives.

And with PinPoint, that content creation can take place with the touch of a thumb (or two). From the mobile system, you can:

  • Create and edit videos, photos, interactive images, checklists, and documents
  • Author robust assessments or acknowledgements and easily track employee progress
  • Customize due dates, set rules-based scheduling, and map out location-aware training spots
  • Track electronic signatures to ensure compliance, and obtain campaign-level completion reports

Need more than two thumbs? Access it all through a browser-based app from any device.

Capture your existing materials

You likely already have an extensive training library. It doesn't make sense to lose that work by going mobile. PinPoint's webhooks instantly turn desktop-based training into mobile-ready content for your employees.

Further, PinPoint's integrated workflow and API can serve as a hub for your existing services. That means single sign-on and LMS integration to make your life just a bit easier.

Your training, made simple

As part of our partnership, EdgePoint Learning offers on-demand custom content for companies on the PinPoint system.

With our expert knowledge, we guide companies through the learning process, crafting materials and job aids to meet their specific needs. We help companies rapidly audit, develop, and deploy the best learning solutions for their employees.

Whether you need to roll out customer service training, on-boarding materials, or professional development tools, we've got you covered. We also work with companies to align their legacy training materials to the PinPoint system, so they can optimize existing materials for the mobile environment.

The PinPoint Workflow

Ready to learn more?

We're excited to launch this new partnership with PinPoint, the worldwide leader in mobile-native learning. It represents the employee-driven learning we advocate for every day at EdgePoint. Learning doesn't have to be boring, and it certainly shouldn't lock you to your desk for an hour.

If you're interested in learning more about the PinPoint system or creating custom content for your organization, click the button below.

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