When to Outsource Your eLearning

Posted by Megan Dobransky on December 15, 2015

Even if you have the best instructional design and training team, you’ll sometimes need to outsource your eLearning. But how do you know?


If your current resources are fully utilized, you might want to consider outsourcing some eLearning projects to keep your team from being overwhelmed. Also, if your team is missing a critical skill or special expertise, you can look elsewhere to get the job done.


Say you have a time-sensitive project that needs to get done as soon as possible. Sometimes the best course of action is to outsource that project to ensure it gets done on time.


If you get a requirement that’s not necessarily part of your normal routine, such as a highly produced video or user interface design, you will probably want to take that project to an expert who can get it done quickly and correctly. Or if your one-off project is just clogging up the normal process, it might be a good idea to outsource it.

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