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We get it. Your company is ready for eLearning but developing your own courses in-house is daunting. That’s where we come in. EdgePoint Learning’s custom eLearning course development is just what you need.

We make custom eLearning development easy

Anyone can download a PowerPoint or .pdf and send out in an email, but is that going to get you the results you want? Probably not.

Knowing where to begin is half the battle. We work with you to create custom eLearning solutions that match your needs and meet your goals.

As partners, we work with your business to create custom eLearning courses that help drive your company's success. We have years of research-backed experience in custom eLearning development for companies just like yours, with innovative designs that set us (and you) apart from your competitors.

At EdgePoint Learning, our job is to focus on the following.

Exceptional level of service

You need us, and we are there – before, during, and after creating your custom eLearning course. Creating quality eLearning courses means listening to your concerns and helping you make sense of what comes next.

Development at your pace

Our talented course instructional designers and multimedia talent can work with content you already have or create courses from scratch that are meaningful, useful, and motivational for your employees.


Business is changing, and your eLearning courses should be able to roll with the punches. Whether you are training five employees or 500, we can create courses with flexible delivery models that meet the needs of your staff.


We move with you, creating just-in-time solutions for whatever challenges you encounter in your day. Need to move in a different direction? We pivot with you, piloting new ideas and helping you to continually improve your training programs.


eLearning shouldn’t be stuffy. After all, isn’t the goal to engage employees and increase their skills? Our learner-centered approach offer creative eLearning courses with multiple solutions to attract (and sustain!) employee attention.

Modern approaches to eLearning

We aren’t looking to recreate something that you know doesn’t work. Our cutting-edge approach to custom eLearning includes something for every company’s needs.

Video and Gamification

Your workforce is getting younger, and their idea of a quality training is shifting. Learning that includes video and elements of gamification creatively engages and trains employees with clear goals and measurable outcomes.


Microlearning means your employees can get what they need no matter where they are or which device they use. Small bites of training delivered on-the-go means capturing employee attention with valuable insights when they need it most.

Simulations and on-the-job training

When it comes to learning new skills and reinforcing old ones, nothing beats guided practice. With simulations and on-the-job, just-in-time training, custom eLearning can change employee behavior while delivering content employees need.

How we help at EdgePoint

Our custom eLearning course development is designed to match your needs, your employees, and your goals for your company.

Starting with a training needs analysis, our staff reviews your goals, capitalizes on your strengths, and identifies growth opportunities. Whether your current courses need tweaking or you are building from the ground up, our expert instructional designers will work with you to design content and delivery systems that help you grow your business.

Whatever your training needs, our custom eLearning course development experts are here for you. Get in touch today to see what works for you.

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