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Precision microlearning in the flow of work

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Deliver training right when, and where, they need it most with PinPoint Workforce

Designed from research, built for learners

Our brains think and understand information in specific ways. Microlearning as a movement draws from research into adult learning theory to develop employee training that truly meets your employees' on-the-job needs.

Learning beyond the desk

With our PinPoint Workforce platform, your frontline managers can create microlearning resources, send assignments, and track completion in the palm of their hand. Your employees get a push notification when they've entered an area that requires location-specific training. Leveraging geolocation, Bluetooth beacons, and bar and QR codes, performance support materials are a tap away.

A breeze to use

PinPoint goes beyond regular microlearning; we craft precision microlearning experiences. Like other consumer apps, our tool is easy and intuitive to use. With IoT, location-based awareness, and other tools, you can create and deploy training right to the employees who need it most.

Your employees are ready to move beyond the desk and classroom. Contact us today to learn more about our microlearning platform.

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