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Molson Coors is a leading global brewer with some 18,000 employees and 31 breweries. It sells a wide portfolio of more than 90 strategic and partner brands in over 50 countries. The Company has established a strong presence in three of the world’s largest markets: it’s the second largest brewer in the U.S. through MillerCoors, its joint venture with SABMiller; it’s a leading brewer in Canada via Molson Coors Canada; and it’s a top-tier brewer in U.K., Ireland and Central Europe through Molson Coors Europe.

The Challenge

Molson Coors wanted to encourage the use of internal social media tools, promote its brand by improving its employees’ social media skills, and cultivate a sense of responsibility so that the content created for these channels was fun, appropriate and tasteful. They needed a course to help employees promote Molson Coors products on their own social media accounts and share their ideas internally to create potentially useful content for Molson Coors’ marketing department.

The Solution

To save both time and development costs for Molson Coors, EdgePoint Learning repurposed and modified a social media course that had been created years earlier for a previous client (with that client’s consent). The result: a light, fun Molson Coors-branded series of video-based modules that introduced employees to social media guidelines and internal social media tools.

The Results

EdgePoint Learning’s modules elicited strong employee adoption of social media and encouraged them to promote the Molson Coors brand within consistent guidelines. Employee feedback was positive, with particular praise going to the breadth of the content, its light and fun tone, its sustained sense of encouragement and its refreshing lack of “don’t do this, don’t do that”-style warnings.

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Since 2007, EdgePoint Learning has been committed to delivering blended learning solutions that drive organizational performance and business value while enriching the capabilities of working adults.

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